Vera Salus Bio is a company using innovative methods and a scientifically validated natural approach to carry out research in the field of health and wellness. Our project involves two important, closely linked phases. The first phase assesses the health and real "biological age"of the population by measuring the oxidative stress and antioxidant defense of each individual in order to establish whether there are oxidative stressor factors and then develop a tailored treatment. The second phase consists in the research and development of completely natural nutraceuticals with a potent antioxidant effect capable of re-establishing antioxidant equilibrium and therefore slow down the aging process and improve the quality of life. Most of the commercially available dietary supplements and food products advertised to improve health and physical performance are often just the product of marketing without the back-up of real scientific evidence or published studies. Powellnux is a product developed following years of research by Vera Salus Bio and validated by an important study published in the authoritative international scientific journal Nutrition. A patent has been deposited for the completely natural blend of nutrients making up the product. There are also ongoing studies (due to be published shortly) intended to assess the positive impact of Powellnux in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome.

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Powellnux is now available in both bars and cream in jar.
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