The study, published in the International Nutrition Science Magazine; clearly demonstrated that the totally natural food mix (dark cocoa, hazelnut and green tea) has a powerful antioxidant effect that results a marked improvement in endothelium-dependent vascular flow (the main responsible for oxygenation of human tissues) and physical performance.

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banner3UKPowellnux is a Multifunctional Natural Food that can give more energy and improve physical performance both in regular sports (athletes and amateurs) and in sedentary subjects. But its positive effect on the vascular system can be of great benefit in preventing cardiovascular disease with effective action also on blood pressure levels.

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studi scientifici UKTests performed on the natural mixture from a scientific study published demonstrate that, two hours after the assumption of powellnux is present: an  evident increase of power antioxidant  lead to  a greater vasodilation with increase of the flow vascular bodies and a in turn generating a significant reduction effort cardiac ergometric stress test. 

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Tastes good and good for your health

The only completely natural food supplement based on dark cocoa, hazelnuts and green tea.

Powellnux - The only completely natural food supplement

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But it is quality of life, not length, that matters; we want to live healthy lives.

Interview with Prof. Valerio Sanguigni

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Some video published on Powellnux

Video on Powellnux

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