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The concept of physical well-being is tied not only to the amount of life but also to its quality.
In other words, can you live longer without getting sick?

The observation from most of the studies on centenarian populations in the world shows that longevity and incredible health status is mainly due to the high content of polyphenols contained in the diet. These powerful natural antioxidants inhibit the harmful effect on all oxygen free radical cells with an important prevention of chronic degenerative diseases, reducing the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and neoplasms.
Powellnux is an absolutely natural product that derives from intense research and selection of natural foods rich in polyphenols for the development of a mixture that can provide a high level of antioxidants and offers benefits to those who assume it, they are healthy subjects or bearers of pathologies.
Most of the commercially available supplements and foodstuffs advertised to improve their health and physical performance are often just pure marketing products without any real scientific evidence, and published studies.
The efficacy of Powellnux has been demonstrated by a randomized clinical trial published on a major scientific journal, following which the patent was also deposited.

 As demonstrated by scientific studies on:

View the publication on: Science Direct
view the publication on: National Center for Biotechnology Information









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