Powellnux is a product that results from a long research and selection of dietary substances rich in polyphenols, the most powerful natural antioxidants. The special patented Powellnux formula contains a high amount of polyphenols immediately available in the body. As most  scintific studies, show, polyphenols reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and neoplasms.

Powellnux is able to give more energy and improve physical performance both to those who practice regular sports (athletes and not) and sedentary subjects. Its positive effect on the vascular system can be of great benefit in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, with effective action also on blood pressure levels.



Powellnux is available in:


Cream package of 1 jar (available soon):
net weight 300 g.

The recommended dose is 25 g (4 teaspoons) to take daily in the morning for breakfast.
For athletes 1 hour before training or sport performance.


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POWELLNUX SUPPLEMENT with Vitamin C, E, Zinc and Vitamin D3

Pack of 7 tablets of 10 gr. each price: € 10.90
The recommended dose is one tablet / day to be taken in the morning at breakfast or as a snack
In the case of athletes: 1 hour before training or sports performance.

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gelato antiossidante

Give a pinch (it is optional).

Heat the water, start to boil melt the sugar and make a syrup.
Let the syrup cool.
When the cooled syrup has reached a temperature of about 45 ° C add the "POWELLNUX" cream and mix well with the help of a kitchen mixer.
Swim in the ice cream and keep it. After drying, serve the ice cream.

The obtained ice cream can also be stored in a freezer at a temperature of about -20 ° C

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Tastes good and good for your health

The only completely natural food supplement based on dark cocoa, hazelnuts and green tea.

Powellnux - The only completely natural food supplement

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Close up

But it is quality of life, not length, that matters; we want to live healthy lives.

Interview with Prof. Valerio Sanguigni

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Some video published on Powellnux

Video on Powellnux


You can buy powellnux on (menu>shop).

If you want information about Powellnux you can write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Thanks a lot

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